Lower back pain is a top reason why individuals seek chiropractic care at Makefield Chiropractic and Wellness Center. It is also a common complaint of aging adults and individuals who engage in activities requiring repetitive use of the lower back. The pain will likely become chronic if there is an underlying condition such as sciatica or a herniated disc. Fortunately, these are two back pain conditions our chiropractor in Newtown, PA can help treat.

Low Back Pain

What Causes Lower Back Pain?

The spine or vertebrae is divided into the cervical, thoracic, and the very flexible lower back (lumbar) spine. The flexibility is needed for twisting and bending movements. At the same time, it makes you more prone to pain from muscle strains, accident injury, overuse, improper posture, and disc degeneration. Aging also causes changes to the spine that lead to painful conditions such as:

  • Lumbar osteoarthritis
  • Sciatica (pain from a pinched sciatic nerve)
  • Bulging or herniated disc (may cause nerve root compression)
  • Vertebrae shifting out of alignment
  • Bone spur on the spine
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Sacroiliac joint disorder
  • Spinal cord compression due to narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis)

Risk factors include obesity, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, and improper posture, especially when lifting heavy objects.

Low Back Pain Symptoms

A herniated disc can cause lumbar radiculopathy symptoms such as sharp, searing, or dull low back pain, tingling, numbness, and weakness. The symptoms are also signs of nervous system interference. In the case of sciatica, pain radiates to the hip, buttock, and leg and may be accompanied by numbness, tingling, or leg weakness. Other symptoms include low back stiffness, muscle spasms, and pain when sitting, standing, or bending.

How Our Chiropractor in Newtown PA Treats Lower Back Pain

Dr. Thomas Sangiorgio will tailor your treatment plan based on the results of an extensive physical and spinal exam. The pain relief techniques we use include non-invasive spinal adjustments and non-surgical spinal decompression. The goal is to alleviate pain and inflammation by treating the underlying cause. Adjustments involve manipulating the spine, joints, and surrounding soft tissues into alignment to improve mobility and nervous system function.

Dr. Sangiorgio may perform decompression therapy using distraction force. The therapy relieves pressure on the spinal nerve in the case of spinal stenosis, bulging or herniated discs, and sciatica. The results are achieved by stretching the spine to help the affected disc retract between the backbones.

We may also recommend massage therapy, Active Therapeutic Movement (ATM), corrective exercises, and nutritional counseling as part of our "whole person" approach to wellness.

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